Columbia Middle School

takes on nature at

Jekyll Island 4H Center

Some of our sixth grade students took a 3 day trip to learn about the barrier island's importance in protecting the marsh and the estuaries along the coast of Georgia. It was an adventure that many will remember their whole lives.  Take the trip with us through digital photos.

School at 5:30 in the morning??

Everybody was bleary-eyed....

Settle in for the long trip to Jekyll.

Burger King is our first stop.

Three sets of twin bunks and close friends! 
It didn't stay this clean very long.
Jekyll Island 4H Center
The cafeteria...

Everybody doing a little 
means nobody has to do
a lot of cleanup.
Let's get to work
learning more about the 
makeup of a barrier island

Beach Ecology
Maritime  Forest
North End
Snakes and Turtles
Fort Frederica National Monument