Geisha Show and Dinner
Tokyo, Japan
June, 2004
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Each of these "shows" is a powerpoint presentation. They work best if you save them to your computer before viewing them. Choose a show, put the cursor on it, right click and 'save target as' in a place on your computer that you can find. Open powerpoint program, find geisha fild and click on it to open and view the show.

Geisha 1

Geisha 2

Geisha 3

Geisha 4

Geisha 5

These shows are done by "real" geishas. They have trained for many years to learn their skills. Normally, there is a fee for both the dinner, a feast served by the geishas, and the show, which lasts and hour and a half. The shows are in small private theaters. Invitation is by 'word-of- mouth' only. Tickets are cash only, and the show we attended was Y98, which is approximately $100.