Silk Screen Painting

Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Callie's Windows-home



Silk Screen Painting factory

Long strips of silk fabric are decorated with outlines of the design that has been chosen for that bolt of silk.

Notice that the frames of painted fabric are hung from the ceiling while drying.


This is a closeup of the outline with a bit of green and yellow already applied. The outline that you see is wax that will be removed after the paint has been dried and cured. This is a mini-version of the screenprint factory pictured at left.



Each color is put on by artists who carefully place a silk screen over the fabric in exactly the correct place. They then gently wipe the correct color through the screen which has been blocked except for the places that color should go through to the silk fabric.



This pattern will grow in size and color as each artist comes to add his color and design to the cloth.


The American teachers were asked if we wanted to hand paint some silk screen handkerchiefs. Of course we wanted to to that. The handkerchiefs had a pattern put on with wax and we were given a ceramic palate with all of the colors that we needed to finish our work of art. It was fun!