Ancient Reconstruction

Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Callie's Windows-home



This is a recreation of an ancient structure unearthed in the 1980's when the city of Tokamachi was clearing land to enlarge the town. The research team sent to study the structure said it was thousands of years old and with the notes and drawings they made of the remains of the old structure, the city of Tokamachi built a faithful copy across from the modern museum.

  The outside walls are very sturdy and reinforced with horizontal bracing and rope.   The roofing is millions of reeds tightly packed in two foot thick layers all over the roof. It hangs ofer the walls by about two feet, as well.
  There is only natural light peeking in through one window, so photography is difficult inside the structure. The upright and horizontal beams are approximately 8 inches in diameter and tied together with ropes.   The horizontal beams above are also used for storage areas.
  Walls are a series of multiple sizes of limbs woven together and help by ropes.   The window is created somewhat like a modern barred window with an awning.
  This is the view form the doorway. There are shelves with pottery and packets of rodds tied together.   They had an oven where wood was put inside a pile of square-cut stones and the heat inside made a "stovetop" which was used for cooking.