The Tomb of Christopher Columbus

Some friends are standing on the steps of the Columbus Monument. This gives you some idea of the size of this monument. It is built in the shape of a cross. We are looking at the top and the cross piece. The light-colored plaques on the front are on the top extension of the cross which sticks out toward you. The plaques are quotations and a signature copies from documents signed by Columbus.
The plaque with a copy of the signature of Christopher Columbus. Notice that it is written in Italian. That was his language, though he sailed for the government of Spain.
There are some beautiful banners on display in the room where they store documents relating to Columbus and his journeys and discoveries. Some displays are the real thing. Others are superior copies which the average person can't tell from an original.
The ashes of Christopher Columbus are kept in a small wooden box which is locked inside the 3 ft. X 4 ft. box just behind the guard's head and shoulders. There is a gate between the guard and the box. The mausoleum is constructed of Italian Marble. The box is ornately carved. There are some bronze statues as well. My camera wouldn't capture the entire structure at one time. The top of the mausoleum is to the right.
The guards are members of the Dominican Republic's Navy and are really guarding the ashes. The guards would do whatever was necessary to protect them. The country's navy recruits are trained at the government's training facility located in Santo Domingo.

The gate behind this guard is just like the gate behind the guard in the other photo. There is a guard standing on each of the four sides of the mausoleum.

A link has been provided to the pictures of The National Aquarium, and a special cave.

A cave Christopher Columbus found

The National Aquarium

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