St. Lucia-West Indies

You see, above, two views of the harbor at St. Lucia. It is a busy place, but 
appeared to be cleaner than several of the harbors we visited.
On our way to the Rain Forest, Dillon, our guide, took us on a tour of the island. We stopped off at a cliff with a beautiful view of the ocean. An interesting little island lay poised in the mouth of the bay. Dillon said that as far as he knew, it had no name so he had claimed it and named it. "Dillon's Island" was in the background when I took his picture.
This photo was taken at the same place we stopped to take Dillon's picture with his island. If you imagine that we are standing in the center of the clock face, the village is at 12 o'clock, then, Dillon's Island is at 4 o'clock.

Rain Forest Panoramic Views

Rain Forest Plants

Fruits from the island


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