St. Lucia's Waterfall (one of many, I'm sure)

Somehow Dillon was able to time the visit to the waterfall so that it fell in between the rain showers. We were all invited to go for a swim and while several eased across the slippery rocks, only one actually got out onto the waterfall's rocky ledge. This is what Dillon does for a living??? 
Dillon was trying to convince everyone that we needed to cool off and "have a bit o' fun" in the waterfall. It did look good after spending all day in the rain forest.
After several folks eased across the slippery rocks to get close to the waterfall, they eased right back to the solid ground.
Finally, one of the guys gave Dillon a run for his money and they had a contest to see who could have the most fun. Who cares who won?

Rain Forest


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