St. Lucia's Rain Forest Trail

The lush vegetation was evident in all directions.
Our trail was cleared and covered with rock and chipped wood. Where the trail was steep, there were boards imbedded into the trail for traction. At every step, there was something tempting you to stop and look . You'll see that several folks in the group are doing just that as the front of the line continued on the trek.
I'll try to describe what you are seeing. There is a natural spring coming out of the rocks at this place. It would normally have stayed close to the ground and followed the crevices in the rock. Someone has taken a hollow reed and split it in half so that it looks like a U-shaped trough. They then shoved the reed into the opening of the spring. Now the water flows through the trough and makes a "fountain" which splashes onto the rock surface. A thirsty traveler can cup his hands under the spring for a cool, refreshing drink.
There is a pathway created by animals which goes down the side of the mountain. The camera can't capture it because of the dense undergrowth of plants between the taller trees.

Rain forest Panoramic Views

Rain Forest Plants

Rain Forest Flowers

Fruits from the island


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