St. Lucia's Rain Forest Plants

The rain forest plants are varied and there was no way to take pictures of them all. I tried to get a few, though.
The largest of these mushrooms was probably the size of a dime. They were growing right next to the path.
We tend to think of bamboo in terms of delicate little branches with tiny leaves which are eaten by Giant Pandas. This is a different variety of bamboo. Definitely not delicate. It was too tall to get a photo of the top of the plants.
The quality of this photo isn't the best. It was taken with a telephoto lens. The tree is being surrounded by a rust-colored "Strangler" vine. The whole process will take about 10-13 years and by the time the tree dies, the vine will be strong enough to stand by itself.

Rain Forest-Panoramic view

Rain Forest Trail

Rain Forest Flowers

Fruits from the island


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