Guadeloupe's Fruits and Nuts (part 1)

Almond trees grow along the roadside and in yards. The leaves are broad and dark green. The "flowers" are tiny and white. The almonds are covered in a green pod which turns dark brown and falls to the ground. The almond has to be broken out of the pod. 
What would a respectable island do without the traditional coconut palm? The coconuts grow in tight groupings at the area where the palm fronds join the tall trunk.
Breadfruit is a staple in the diet of the islanders. It looks like a big green grapefruit. They prepare it in ways similar to the ways we use the potato. It isn't eaten until it has been peeled, cut into pieces, and cooked in boiling water. After cooking, it is made into a salad, eaten with butter and spices, cooked in a frying pan, or mashed and served with gravy.

The last real waterwheel-powered distillery



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