Severin Rum Distillery, est. 1802

Rum is an export critical to the economy of Guadeloupe. It is produced from the sugar cane which is grown all over the island.
In the picture on the left you see the last working distillery still working by use of the waterwheel. This waterwheel was put into service in 1802. The photo on the right shows that some modern changes have been made, but the wheel is still the source of power. The camera couldn't really capture the sparkle of the sunlight off of the water droplets.
The field on the left has several different portions. The left rear is sugar cane about 12" tall. The left front is sugar cane about 4" tall and the right portion has either just been planted, or has not yet been planted. The growing season is all year long, so they simply stagger the planting. That way, they can always have a crop to harvest, and it won't all be ready at the same time.

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