Cave found by Christopher Columbus (part 2)

A wrought iron fence is visible where steps lead to another of the pools. The "black" area is the water. Since the light doesn't strike the water, it appears to be black.
Another of the pools has a bright color because the sunshine strikes it, and shows the true color of the water which has chemicals which look blue.
As the sun regularly shines on the edge of this pool, ferns grow near the green water. Each of the pools seems to have collected a different type of chemical compound and taken on a different color due to that compound.
Steps lead down to the edge of the pool which is supposed to bring luck if you touch the water. A few in the group were bold enough to go down the steps which take a sharp turn to the left where the photo has a magenta spot. You then proceed down another 10-15 steps to the water's edge.

Cave (part 1)

The Tomb of Christopher Columbus

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