Cave found by Christopher Columbus (Part 1)

These caves have 4 deep pools within the limestone caves. You can stand at the top of the caverns and look down at 3 of the pools. Several of the members of our group were at the top of the cliff, near the tree tops, looking down at us.

Hi, Titus!

You can then walk down 59 steep steps to enter the cave. There is a series of walks and steps leading to each of the 4 pools.

Here you see the bottom portion of the steps leading into the caves.

After you get into the cave by following the 59 initial steps, there is a winding trail which branches off with more steps at the entrance of each of the 4 pools. Each area has a type of platform for groups to stand and take pictures. You can see the sunshine shimmering on the walls of the limestone cave. 
In the far right bottom corner of this picture, you can see the top of the 59 steps leading in and out of the cave. With that as a reference point, take notice of the stalactites coming down from the ceiling of the cave. There is a local story about one of the formations.

Cave (part 2)

The Tomb of Christopher Columbus

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