Dominican Republic's National Aquarium Part 1)

I have no idea of the names of some of these critters. They are all indigenous to the island and I had to take pictures!

sea anemones

hermit crab

type of crab-it really is bright purple!

The rocks really are coral and this fish eats it. He swims around, approaches slowly and "kisses" the coral to get a bite of food. Coral is tiny living creatures which live inside skeletons of previous generations of coral which have been calcified as "rock".

These jellyfish are made to look like very delicate lace. You can see it breathing, and sometimes one will begin swimming. It will "rise", almost motionless, and later settle in another location to wait for food to come within reach of its lacy tentacles.

Aquarium (part 2)

The Tomb of Christopher Columbus

A cave Christopher Columbus found

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