Akari's American Family

Arrival in Mobile

Theodore High School Stuff

Marching Band

Piano Recital and Band Concert

That was FUN!

My American Family is really big

My Junior-Senior Prom

oops--got to take a picture of them

Mom and Daddy

Poppa and Momma June--Poppa is Mom's daddy.

Poppa's Birthday Card in Japanese Poppa's Birthday Gift Momma June's Birthday Cake
Momma June's Birthday Dinner and Gifts Poppa gave Momma June a String of Pearls  

Jessica Scott-my new cousin lives in Columbus, GA Her mother, Catherine, is Daddy's sister.

At Pop' s house in Americus, GA--we met there for Thanksgiving

Pop and Terry, my grandparents on Daddy's side of the family live in Americus, GA

Andrew, Mary Ray, Molly, Aaron and Akari-These cousins live in Huntsville, AL. Their mother is Momma June's daughter, Aunt Joyce.

Chris is my cousin, and Buck is my American brother. Buck lives in Orlando, FL. He builds houses and plays in a rock and roll band.

Uncle Dennis and cousin, Nick. Dennis is Mom's brother. Nick is his son.

Jessica-Jessi-has some horses and is going to college to learn how to use horses to help disabled children learn to walk.

Fred is like a little brother--always wants to be close to me and to be loved.

Apache was nice. He belonged to Uncle John and was given to a family with small children who wanted to ride him every day. Apache will like that!

Jessica riding Apache

  Akari-happy Coley, Terry, Deborah


  more photos later--


  Coley, Terry, Deborah, Poppa, Momma June

Deborah is Poppa's daughter, Callie's sister, Akari's aunt.