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Callie's flower garden is taking shape. She has dreamed of growing flowers for many years and has collected many in pots. The file is too big for some email programs, so she has placed it here, as a PowerPoint, for viewing.
Akari--our Japanese exchange student--lived with us from August 4, 2006 until June 17, 2007. As her Japanese graduation present, her parents sent Akari, now age 20; her sister Hikaru, age 19; and her sister Ayumi, age 21; to Mobile for a month in March of 2008. We had a wonderful time together. Akari graduated from Central Christian College with an AA degree in May of 2011. Now, Akari will come to America in August of 2011 to attend college at Portland University, Portland, Oregon. We are very proud of Akari, our daughter.
Caribbean--In 1998, we finally had a honeymoon--only 28 years late. The six islands we saw were great!
Japan--In 2004, I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and spent 21 wonderful days in Tokyo and Tokamachi, Japan. I've tried to document my journey during which I met some special people and saw many marvelous things.
Jekyll--in 2000, a barrier island off the coast of Georgia presented a magnificent experience as we took the 6th grade to spend 4 days learning about the making of the island and habits of the animals that inhabit it.
Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum--In 2003, as a wedding anniversary present, I took John on a surprise trip. He had no idea that I had found a museum with very old, very rare aircraft. He loved it!
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